Tiny Wheels

Available on Steam

VR creation toy where you make tracks and drive RC cars.


Tiny Wheels is a VR sandbox where you can create tracks and steer a remote control car through your creations. There's no rules, no score, no objective. You can create challenging tracks and see if you can navigate your tiny car through it or just enjoy making and driving.


  • "This game is worth every penny and beyond!"

  • "Awesome. Just simply awesome."

  • "I was suddenly 10 years old again and reliving the joy of playing with toy cars. I was setting up jumps and courses. I couldn't stop. In spite of multiple calls to dinner. I was totally late, just like when I was 10 years old! Supreme joy!"

  • "This is the Best VR Game ever. I am 46, and don't play games. This is much more than a 'game' it's a virtually real experience. Games are not that. This is an outstanding use of VR."