Board VR

Available on Oculus

The best whiteboard to ever come to virtual reality. A simple utility app for teachers, creators, planners, and thinkers. Easily draw on a persistent whiteboard in a focused space.


Board VR comes with 5 colorful markers and a dry eraser. It allows you to scale each marker up or down, undo/redo brush strokes, and reorient/reposition the whiteboard. It also has a "dark mode" for longer sessions where you want less light.


  • "This app is one of those tools you didn't know you were missing until you have it and now, I can't imagine brainstorming without it"

  • "This is a MUST BUY, whether you just want an app to sketch in, or if you want to study what GOOD VR looks like!"

  • "A must have for anyone who's looking for an amazing canvas to ideate and sketch in VR."

  • "So simple! It's great! I can play with this all day"